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Values and Mission

Core Values

  1. Jesus is Lord and Savior.

  2. God calls us to bring Christ to the world.

  3. God deepens our faith through worship, Bible study, prayer and fellowship.

  4. As Christ welcomes, all are welcome.

  5. God sends us to work for justice in the world and to serve with those in need

  6. A generous God creates generous and thankful people.


To serve God, sharing the love of Jesus Christ.


  1. A place of spirit-filled worship and fellowship, meeting the needs of all ages with variety and tradition.

  2. A loving, welcoming congregation that invites, accepts, encourages, comforts and supports all people at all times.

  3. An intergenerational church offering opportunities to grow in faith through a variety of programs.

  4. Active in mission, service, and witness to all people.

  5. Good stewards of God’s gifts.

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