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Sunday Worship:

8am Traditional   &   9:30am Contemporary

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1) Come as you are.  There is no dress code or expectation.  If you like to wear shorts and a t-shirt, wear shorts and a t-shirt.  If you like to wear your "Sunday best" ~ feel free.  All are truly welcome.


2) Expect to be welcomed.  There will be folks at the entrance who will welcome and greet you.  There will probably be people who will come up to you and ask your name and welcome you.  


3) If you come at 8:00 a.m. expect a gathering of people who are a bit more quiet and subdued.  We will sing traditional hymns and worship with a traditional liturgical style.  It is still very relaxed but if you are familiar with traditional Lutheran patterns of worship - you will feel very comfortable here.  


4) If you come at 9:30 a.m. expect a worship band to be leading music and songs that you would hear on the Christian radio station.  The worship band is low key but leads the songs with energy and talent.  Expect to be invited to sing along but if it is more your style to sit back and listen - that is perfectly welcome.  Worship at 9:30 is more casual and relaxed.  


5)  Holy Communion is offered at all services.  All are welcome no matter their denominational membership, church background (or lack thereof), mood, or spirit.  All are truly welcome.  If you choose not to come forward for Holy Communion - that is also fine.  


6) Expect to laugh - or at least be invited to laugh.


7) Sometimes the worship space has lots of kids and sometimes not.  Depends on the day.  Currently between the two services there are about 200 people in worship - again that can differ from week to week depending on all sorts of factors. 


8)  Expect to hear about Jesus.


9) You will not be asked to join a committee or volunteer for something.  There are many opportunities to get involved but you take the initiative to participate in that or not.


10) Expect to challenged and invited to honestly reflect on life and faith.


11) All are Welcome

What to Expect

When you come to worship at Westby Coon Prairie Lutheran Church you can expect the following:

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